1. Are all 3D/4D facilities the same?

NO! Beli's 5D Ultrasound is a full ultrasound facility. We perform diagnostic ultrasounds as well as 5D scans. We are not a keepsake facility nor a studio. All of our technologists are certified and have been scanning obstetrical ultrasounds for over 20 years. Our experience in ultrasound will increase the chances of you getting the best possible images.

2. Can I use a 5D ultrasound instead of the one my doctor ordered? 

ABSOLUTELY NOT! During the ultrasound session, you can see the heartbeat, the number of babies in the pregnancy, the position of the baby, and the placental location. Please note, at no time will your elective 3D/4D ultrasound take the place of an ultrasound ordered by your doctor.

3. I have noticed that some 5D images are clearer then others. Why is that? 

There are several different factors as to why some women’s images are clearer than others. Here is a list of the reasons for some images being clearer then others. In order of most common:

  1. How much water an individual drinks on a daily basis.

  2. Placenta location. Anterior Placenta (placenta in front) can be an obstacle if the individual does not drink enough water.

  3. Skin density.

  4. Waited too late in pregnancy to do a 5D ultrasound.

  5. Fetus has the umbilical cord in front of the face.

  6. Fetus is turned face down.

  7. They did not come to us!

4. Is it safe to do a 5D Ultrasound?

We feel this is the most important question to ask! Studies have shown ultrasounds are not hazardous. There are no harmful side effects to you or your baby. In addition, ultrasound does not use radiation, as X-ray tests do. However according to the March of Dimes, the FDA and other experts, the use of non-medical ultrasounds is discouraged, because untrained personnel may provide inaccurate or harmful information.** That is why all the our ultrasound technologists are certified and must have at least 15 years of experience in obstetric ultrasounds**

5. Do I need an appointment?

Yes, appointments are necessary for all our services. We are conveniently open 7 days a week. A $25.00 deposit has to be made at the time of booking your appointment. Which will be credited to your total at the time of services. No shows or failure to reschedule your appointment 48 hours prior to scheduling the appointment deposit will be forfeited. Our canceling/rescheduling policy: We require a 48-hour notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment.

6. What do I need to take to my appointment?

We require proof of prenatal care. You may bring an estimated due date letter, prenatal booklet, last or next appointment letter, a referral from your doctor, or a letter you doctor may have given you. Any official documents that your doctor may have given you that shows that you are under the care of a doctor.

7. Can I bring my family with me?

Unfortunately, while we are actively in a pandemic stage we are following the NY State guidelines. Only patients will be allowed in the office. You are welcome to interact with your family and friends via WhatsApp and live Facetime applications. This will minimize the spread or Covid 19 (coronavirus). We are taking all available precautions. The office is constantly being disinfected with bleach and/or lysol.

8. Do I need to prepare for my appointment?

Yes, we ask that you please try to come hungry to your appointment. Please try not to eat for 4 hours prior to your appointment. You may drink water within those 4 hours. Please try not to drink any juice within those 4 hours. Usually when you are hungry so is your baby. (HINT: they are moving around asking for food). Coming in hungry may increase the chances of having a motivated baby at the time of your session. Or in some cases, if the baby is hiding we have the opportunity to send you to go eat, drink and walk around to give the baby some time to hopefully respond to food. Please keep in mind we CAN NOT pose the baby nor tell them what to do. We also recommend you bring a small sandwich and something to drink with you.

9. What are the hours of operation?

We are open for 7 days. Our hours vary every day. We do not have traditional hours like most businesses. One day a week we schedule appointments as late as 9:30pm. However, the evening schedule also varies. Most evening and weekend appointments tend to be booked about 1 week in advance.

10. How long will the appointment take?

Depending on the package that you choose, the session is between 10 to 30 minutes. Add an extra 15 to 30 minutes to pick and print images. If the fetus is not cooperative, add an additional 30 minutes to go eat. We do not have timers in the rooms. We work with you to try and give you the best possible images. Be prepared to be with us from 30 minutes up to 1 hour 1/2.

11. When is the best time to find out the gender (sex) of my baby?

We can see the gender as early as 14 weeks. However, we will give you 100% boy or girl between 14 weeks up to 23 weeks. You will be eligible for a complementary return visit if the baby does not show the gender within the same week of the initial appointment.

12. What if I’m further along than 23 weeks and I want to find out the gender (sex) of my baby?

Will try to check the sex of the baby with all our packages but there is no guarantee that after 23 weeks the fetus will be in a favorable position (legs open). The bigger the fetus gets the less room they have to move around so it becomes more difficult to check the gender. We will try our very best to check through your session 98% of our clients are able to find out the gender after 23 weeks.

13. When is the best time to see my baby’s face?

We feel the best time for most women is in their 27, 28, & 29th week. 5D ultrasound can be done up to 39 weeks. However, keep in mind that the bigger the fetus gets the less you will see. This is because a 5D ultrasound depends on amniotic fluid. As a fetus gets bigger the fluid automatically decreases resulting in images that are not very clear. Especially if the lady does not drink water.

14. Is there anything I can do to improve the clarity of my 5D images?

Yes, in all our years of experience, we have noticed that women who follow their doctor’s recommendation of drinking 48 ounces to 64 ounces of water a day. Keep away from juice and sweetened drinks and limit the use of caffeine, too - including caffeinated teas and colas. Get clear images then women who drink caffeinated beverages as well as juice, sodas, and everything but water, these women tend to get unclear images due to the caffeine and dark liquids. However, we recommend you speak to your health care provider and follow your provider's water recommendations.

15. Will I receive a refund if my images are not clear?

The clarity of the images is based on you not on us. We apologize but we would not be able to give a refund if the images are not clear. That has nothing to do with the 5D technology nor the staff. That has to do with the amount of amniotic fluid. The more fluid the better the quality of the image. All sales are final.

16. Payment?

We accept Zelle, CashApp, Venmo, credit and/or debit.

17. What ultrasound equipment is used?

We use state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment. Our ultrasound machines are the best machine for 5D ultrasounds in the market. Please note, many organizations claim to use “state of the art” equipment, when in fact they use older or inferior technology which may not be calibrated properly. All of our equipment was purchased directly from the manufacturer. Our equipment is inspected and maintained regularly.